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BEST Send flowers for Valentine's Day

Today, of course, a little bit too early to congratulate the Happy Valentine's Day, but to prepare for it is necessary to start in advance to the last moment not to run to the shops in search of some worthless trinkets, which will be another dust collector on the shelf until it was exiled to the country to eternal storage. If we are to give, something useful. Many, for example, from something intelligent, with a gigahertz, gigabytes and megapixels, would not refuse. From what exactly? In this video we will offer you our selection of answers to this question.

Let's start with something relatively inexpensive and relatively universal. Iuni N1. For $ 155, we get a very thin smartphone, 6,3 mm, covered in a fashionable 2,5D-glass. This here is a small incarnation of design. The characteristics, however, to the flagships of this Iuni still walk and walk, but for such beauty he can forgive a lot.

But fans of more technically advanced solutions more appropriate OnePlus X. peculiar state employees from OnePlus, a kind of middle-class assassin. For my money it offers proven hardware that once stood on a flagship smartphone, as well as an interesting design with all the same fashionable now 2,5D-glass. Luggage someone may seem weak, but overall smartphone came out best, so if you do not pursue a variety of fashionable USB Type-C and a fingerprint scanner, this is the perfect choice for 249 dollars.

LeTV X3-40

If you want something a little more ... more ... It is noticeable that the direct uh ... you should look towards LeTV. Yes, these guys are doing and large smartphones, but it is worth paying attention to the TV - for $ 340 you can put in the living room X3 from this company and enjoy your favorite movies with your loved one in a cozy atmosphere. All the details are in the review thing is really worthy.

Wileyfox Storm

In a review on AndroidInsider.ru colleagues very warmly about this smartphone as Wileyfox Storm. He, too, more geek, of course, and too big for the size of the ladies' palms, but very nice for the money and close to the selected significantly more expensive toys on Android. Again, there is a favorite with many Cyanogen and pretty foxy little face on the back. Well, the characteristics are not pumped up, the camera is good, 3 GB of RAM and the like - all as it should for $ 189.

Wileyfox Swift

We have an option and pobyudzhetnee, with those of the Sly Fox Wileyfox. Swift we are time to time in various compilations. Over 109 conventional units daily tasks to perform 5+ smartphone, the device is not heated too much, do not lag and is the most pleasant experience. Yes, in terms of technical performance here it is not so festive, but not all the required server capacity in a pocket. And it looks very nice. And muzzle chanterelles on the back cover will not go away.

There are, of course, the opportunity to buy not only smart phones and similar gadgets, and even to give the TV is not required. On holiday JD.ru page presents non-technical options with impressive, up to 75 percent discount - a noticeable amount. Choose, and the time left is not so much ...

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