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The global market for smartphones to update the record

The volume of the global smartphone market to update the record thanks to strong pre-Christmas demand for phones in various price categories in both developed and developing countries. This is indicated by analysts IDC.
They estimate that in October-December 2015 all over the world were produced 399.5 million smartphones, which has never happened before in the quarter. Compared with the same period of the previous year, shipments were up 5.7%. At the end of 2015 all shipments of "smart" phones increased by 10.1% and were also a record - 1.4 billion pieces.

Samsung remained the global market leader in smartphones, has shipped on the results of the last three months of 2015 85.6 million units, up 14% compared to a year ago. For all of last year the South Korean company has released only 2% more vehicles than a year earlier.
In second place in the ranking of vendors remains Apple, which in the last quarter of prepare to sell a record number of iPhone - 74,8 Mill. This is 0.4% more compared to October-December 2014, but in 2015 an American company increased deliveries by more than 20% to 231.5 million units thanks to strong demand for its products in China and the United States, the study says IDC.

Strongest growth rate - 44.3% - in the past year showed Huawei, which has become the first Chinese brand with an annual volume of shipments of smartphones will exceed 100 million units. As a result, Huawei among the three largest producers, ahead of Lenovo.
"Although some uncertainty remains about the economic slowdown in China, Huawei is one of the few brands in the country, which has been successfully developing its business on an international level: almost half of its smartphone shipments made outside China. Huawei is in a good position to stay in third place in 2016, "- said IDC analyst Melissa Chau (Melissa Chau).

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