Company Synaptics announced the development of a new generation of fingerprint sensor designed for use in a variety of mobile devices.

The product has received the designation Natural ID FS4304. The width of the sensor is only 3.5 millimeters. This sensor can be integrated into a button on the side of the gadget - smartphones and tablets PHABLET.
The new solution provides reliable user identification by fingerprints. Due to the small size of the sensor developers of mobile devices will have greater freedom in the choice of place of its location. In theory, the sensor can be installed even in a portable device - for example, "smart" watches and smart bracelets.

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Features of the new flagship smartphone HTC One M10 declassified blogger Evan Blass (evleaks) portal VentureBeat. The gadget will present in March at a special conference, and not at the MWC 2016 as previously expected.


Blass said that the next leader of Taiwan will be like the HTC One A9, which, as already mentioned Hi-Tech Mail.Ru, strongly resembles the iPhone 6s. In addition, we know that HTC One M10 will include a fingerprint scanner at the Home button and battery capacity of 3000 mAh, and the front speakers from branded manufacturer refuses. Work device will be running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with a proprietary interface HTC Sense 8.
AMOLED-display smartphone will have a 5.1-inch diagonal and a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The basis of the modification of the European HTC One M10 lies a top Qualcomm Snapdragon platform 820, including the graphics core Adreno 530 and receive processor Asian MediaTek.

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According to Taiwan's Digitimes resource citing industry sources, in 2016 at Huawei has all chances to become a leader in terms of growth of deliveries of smart phones, while other leading vendors, including companies Samsung Electronics, Apple and Xiaomi, face stagnation or even decline in shipments.

Global supply Huawei in 2015 amounted to 108 million smartphones, an increase over last year's volume of 75 million units by 44%. According to the forecast of sources, in 2016 shipments of smart phones Huawei will continue to increase by more than 20% to reach 120 million units.

Samsung's shipments in 2015 amounted to 320 million smartphones. This is slightly less than the previous year, and is the first reduction in the company's supply on an annual basis. Volumes of supplies flagship device Ga ... Read more »

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Apple will soon introduce a mobile device can with innovative wireless charging battery.

"Apple" Empire supposedly working on a new wireless charging technology with American and Asian partners. At least, this is according to Bloomberg citing information from knowledgeable individuals who wished to remain anonymous, because the project is confidential.
Apple, as noted, expects to eliminate one of the drawbacks of modern technology wireless charging - the need to find the user and station a short distance from each other. It is expected to be able to provide sufficient power transmission efficiency at a considerable distance, making the use of a wireless charging much more comfortable: for example, the machine can hold in their hands while replenishing supply of energy.

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Among the emerging smartphone at CES were those for which their specifications - not the main thing. Among them, a smartphone, or rather, "sigaretofon» Jupiter IO 3, which can be ... smoking. After all, it is combined with the electronic cigarette. Of course, smoking, including electronic cigarettes is a bad habit, which it is not necessary to acquire, even for the most attractive and fashionable gadget. This devayse most interesting is that it is a combination of two seemingly very different modern gadgets. As noted earlier, conventional cigarette butts can be used to create capacitors.

With this amazing phone was able to get to know The Verge columnist Ben Popper (Ben Popper), who wrote about him Illustrated notes «I smoked a smartphone at CES» annexed to a video published resource. Earlier, on the development of Jupiter, ... Read more »

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Following the announcement of mass production Snapdragon processor 820 and Exynos 8890, Samsung announced that it has started mass production of 20-nanometer 4-gigabyte memory HBM2. This is the second generation of the standard, which replaces the current GDDR5, used in particular in the cards. Compared with GDDR5, HBM2 occupies 95% less space and has a seven-fold higher throughput of 256 Gbit / s vs 36 Gb / s (compared 4GB modules). This was made possible thanks to the three-dimensional structure (four 8 Gbps plates) and five thousand TSV-connectors. During the year, Samsung expects to begin producing and 8GB modules HBM2.

Recall that the first graphics cards to the first generation AMD company HBM announced in June 2015. It is expected that this year, together with Nvidia, it will move to the 14- and ... Read more »

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On his page on the social network Weibo, senior vice president Xiaomi announced date of the next company presentation - February 24th. Earlier, representatives of Xiaomi confirmed that the presentation of the next flagship smartphone, Mi 5, will be held next month. Therefore, we can hardly doubt that this day will be presented to it Xiaomi Mi 5, the expected picture you see above. Taking into account the duration of the two-hour event, Xiaomi Mi 5 is likely to be the only device that will be announced there.

According to rumors the smartphone will get a 2.5D-display and a processor Snapdragon 820. Recall that in the graphics speed, he surpasses even Apple A9 - in benchmark GFXBench Manhattan off-screen smartphone Le Max Pro gaining 47.3 K / - against 38.6 k / s from iPhone 6s .

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According to the latest rumors, Lumia 650 will be the only Microsoft Smartphone in 2016. Since the performance of the gadget is far from a flagship level, the decision of the American company to manage such a device seems at least strange. However, there is a chance that this evil tongues trying to cut the ground from under the feet of Microsoft. Like it or not, we learn over time, but for now we want to inform you that one of the British retailers rather all of a sudden opened pre-order the Lumia 650. Recall that the official premiere of the smartphone to be held in mid-February, possibly at the MWC 2016 Barcelona. Retailer estimate future novelty of 200 pounds (about 22.5 thousand. Rubles). According to the information on the website, Lumia 650 will receive 5 '' HD-screen, 4-core processor with a frequency of 1.1 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory expandable, 8-megapixel camera and a 2000 mAh battery. "Out of the box" smartphone will run on Windows 10. The ... Read more »

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Russian Yota Devices has made a name for itself in the international arena thanks to smart phones with two screens. Many Western and Chinese companies appreciated this concept. Someone immediately began to develop its own version YotaPhone, but Microsoft has gone the other way. According to the source, the research division of the American company is working on a laptop covers with built-in energy efficient TVs. In the image below you can see some of the scenarios of this accessory. For example, the additional screen may serve as a keyboard, display and other notifications. It is reported that the display for such cover is made by technology e-Ink. At the moment, Microsoft Research is closely communicates with the Lumia unit to determine whether the company's engineers to turn a very interesting concept into a real product. What do you think about this idea?

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In December, Xiaomi and Microsoft released a firmware from Windows 10 on board for Xiaomi Mi4. Today, the release of new updates for all users of the software. The new build brings a lot of changes and improvements. In particular, programmers managed to improve the quality of images in the macro mode to optimize battery consumption, and quick settings panel began to work much more stable. Also, problems have been corrected the alarm, the screen fading, Outlook synchronization and charging off. If you are testing on Windows 10 Xiaomi Mi4, update should make you happy, because these improvements and fixes have been waiting many owners of Chinese flagship. Check fresh software in the appropriate section of your smartphone.

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