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Today, of course, a little bit too early to congratulate the Happy Valentine's Day, but to prepare for it is necessary to start in advance to the last moment not to run to the shops in search of some worthless trinkets, which will be another dust collector on the shelf until it was exiled to the country to eternal storage. If we are to give, something useful. Many, for example, from something intelligent, with a gigahertz, gigabytes and megapixels, would not refuse. From what exactly? In this video we will offer you our selection of answers to this question.

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The volume of the global smartphone market to update the record thanks to strong pre-Christmas demand for phones in various price categories in both developed and developing countries. This is indicated by analysts IDC.
They estimate that in October-December 2015 all over the world were produced 399.5 million smartphones, which has never happened before in the quarter. Compared with the same period of the previous year, shipments were up 5.7%. At the end of 2015 all shipments of "smart" phones increased by 10.1% and were also a record - 1.4 billion pieces.


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People today want to store more and more valuable information. To her need access 24/7 from any location, and it just do not happen.

"Traditional" methods, such as buying another disk for your PC or external storage can not boast of neither the one nor the other quality. A convenient and reliable solution of such problems can be networked storage (NAS), as its possibilities are much wider than a simple file storage and covered not only domestic, but also office tasks. What - are investigated by the example of QNAP TS-431.

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